Bobbi Albano grew up in Fresno, and in San Bernardino. She spent her entire childhood living in a small run-down camper with her parents and her brother, dreaming of a life in a house… with her own bedroom, a real kitchen, bathroom, and a backyard to play in.
She longed to live like her friends did and didn’t understand why she wasn’t able to live in a real house.
As soon as she could, she moved out of the camper and on her own at the age of 17.  Years later, after graduating from college at Cal State San Bernardino, she was asked to join the financial team at the County of San Bernardino and worked along side the group that (among other fiscal duties) managed property liquidation and purchase. She observed purchases and began doing her own research; this time, for a family wanting to buy their first home…her family’s first home. In 2000, Bobbi moved into a four bedroom San Bernardino ranch-style estate, where her two boys and a step-son each had their own room and a back yard to play in.  That moment changed her life just as she dreamed it would; joyfully. From that moment on, Bobbi was obsessed with getting her real estate license and helping other families realize the safety, comfort, joy, and motivation that a home provides for a family. 
With smart marketing and strategic social media, Bobbi has helped hundreds of people find (or sell) their own homes. Her business model has played out well: top seller for Century 21, then for Barnett Realty in Grand Terrace, California. In just 3 years, Bobbi has sold homes from Clovis, to Hesperia, to Lake Arrowhead, working with small, medium and multi-million dollar buyers and sellers. Today, Bobbi can comfortably boast that every client, found a happy ending and a delightful experience, replete with integrity, financial gains and a full service experience from their now friend: Bobbi Albano. Never compromising her ethics, Bobbi has become a sought-after realtor who offers services that other realtors would never include in their commission; all because she remembers her own fear and angst in buying and selling her first home and the stark realness of not having a home at all as a child. Because of Bobbi’s goal is to always do the “right thing” and go to all lengths to make her clients happy.  Because of that, she has been repeatedly recognized by her peers and her industry, and has a family of faithful fans…for being the gal who helped their family find the right home, or buyer: and their well-deserved happiness in the home of their dreams!

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