Let’s face it, the tech world is coming up with new gadgets all the time and home technology is reaching heights not seen before. It’s exciting to see what you can install to make your life easier, safer and more comfortable.

I’m going to talk about my three top picks for your home tech collection.

These three offer energy savings and comfort, but most of all, convenience. In a busy world, convenience can be the best reason of all to invest in one of these home devices.


The first one is not new, however still offers the best climate control for your home. The NEST, now in its third generation, is a thermostat that programs itself based on the first few days of use. It connects to an app on your phone, so you can control it from anywhere. When NEST spots you across the room, it lights up beautifully to show you the time, temperature or weather. The display is quite large so it’s easy to read from a distance away. It learns how long it takes for your furnace or air conditioner to heat or cool the room so it will prepare your home for your arrival each day. You will be able to see from the app your energy consumption and even gain tips on how to save even more energy.

If your home climate control systems fail, NEST will alert you from the app. According to the NEST white paper, “Simply put, the better NEST’s model is at predicting your home’s thermal conditions, the better able the NEST thermostat is at precisely hitting your desired comfort settings without expending extra energy to hit those targets. Both the new home thermal model and HVAC Control 2.0 personalize the modeling and control of the thermostat to individual homes and systems, improving comfort and efficiency for users.” With a retail price of $169, this thermostat is a bit pricier than the standard thermostat, but promises to save you that and more with continued use.


The next electronic gadget that I like is the AQUANTA, a retrofittable water heater controller that brings your electric or gas water heater out of the basement and into the palm of your hand. AQUANTA heats water only when you need it. Also controlled with an app, the system works much the same way as the NEST. This product promises to save money on your energy bills by allowing your water heater to rest when you are not using hot water. Like the NEST, the app also gives you energy saving tips and learns your hot water habits.

For example, if you take a shower at approximately the same time each day, the AQUANTA allow your hot water heater to heat your water for that time each day. You can check to see how much hot water you have at any time, and know when your water heater is having operational issues, including leak detection. The cost for this system is about $150, and promises to pay for itself in reduced energy bills.


Lastly, there’s a product called AIRDROP. This system promises to save on water consumption. In this area and many others, the issues concerning drought conditions have many folks leaving their lawns to die due to the restrictions set by government agencies concerning water. The AIRDROP actually checks local weather stations hourly for real-time weather data specific to your yard. It will tell your sprinklers not to come on should the chance of rain be on the horizon.

The system is extremely easy to install, simply connect the automatic valve sensors and the easy-to-read LCD screen gets you up and running in ten minutes or less, according to the product’s website. What is also nice about the AIRDROP, is that it easily integrates with systems you may already have, such as NEST or Alexa. This product retails for $299 new, however you can purchase a refurbished model for as little as $125.

Whatever level of technology you are comfortable with, there are products out there for you. For more information, just give me a call… I’d love to explore the tech-world with you!


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