“The mission of SLATE, Inc. is to support emerging media artists through¬†education programs, advocacy, and promotion of their work."

Their Vision & Values: “Established in April 2012 as an organization focused on developing and encouraging the aspiring film and media artist, SLATE, Inc. quickly began to evolve into much more. The founders recognized that new trends in media technology would make the filmmaking process more accessible than ever to artists.

SLATE, Inc. is committed to giving filmmakers the support they need to see film and media projects through to the end. In that spirit, the organization seeks to close the gap between studios and first-time film artists. This goal is met through tireless dedication to providing artists with the knowledge, guidance, and resources necessary. In collaboration with industry professionals and educators in film and television, SLATE, Inc. creates educational programs that will help bring to fruition the dreams of future filmmakers. There is a strong emphasis within the organization to advocate on behalf of filmmakers to make production a much simpler process in their local areas.

The organization will also work with regional government agencies to develop viable venues for film production, which fosters new economic opportunities for the artists and the communities in which they work. The hard work of media and film artists is further supported through efforts to match artists with the public and industry professionals who could advance their artistic vision. Through promotion of various events, including the Redlands, California Film and Beer Festival, SLATE, Inc. showcases the work of first-time filmmakers and other artists. It is with this passion that the organization seeks to encourage the artistic efforts of local artists and revive local filmmaking industries."


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